Thursday, May 31, 2007


Like some other papers and agencies, my paper doesn't allow photogs to publish unpublished photos anywhere. So, everything posted here would be the ones we'd run on the paper. It sucks, but the good news for me is that the paper likes "diffirent" pictures. But, I haven't shot different ones as much as I hoped so far...

Week 2 - Day 1 - Obama

Photographed Obama on the Memorial Day. A lot of photographers, and I had a hard time getting better positions. What I learned here is that I really need to think where the subject would be and get better positions as quickly as possible, otherwise it'd be taken by some other photogs. I guess it's sort of an obvious thing, but I haven't cover a big story where a bunch of photogs surround one person while media persons tried to control us. Next time...

Week 1

Day 1: Shot a fly-fisher for summer calender

Day 2: Local Suvivor event - they sit in the car maximum for 7 days, and the winner, or suvivor, gets the car.

day 3: Local high school softball game - Didn't shoot action, but emotion

Day 4: Fire destroyed a Chinese restaurant - I would have eaten there. I miss Asian food...

Day 5: Standard Rowing Shot. I guess I was getting tired...

Day 6:

Sunday, May 27, 2007

G-town Boxing 1 - adp

I participated in American Diversity Project in Mississippi Delta in the third week of May. I was lucky to follow and photograph a former WBC 2nd ranker and the gym's owner Terry Whitaker. He runs a gym in Greenville, MS since 1994. He hoped that boxing would help youth around the neighborhood where he grew up. But, it's been hard to manage the gym, and he is now thinkig about going back to Chicago, where he had a successful pro-boxer career.

G-town boxing gym 2

adp - 3

Those are some other selects from adp.

Monday, May 21, 2007

My Past Project 2: SSA IV

I participated in the Sports Shooter Academy IV. It was a great workshop. Here are my selects.

My past project 1: Banei - Draft Horse Racing in Japan

Banei – Draft Horse Racing

Banei - Select 2

Banei - Select 3

Draft-horse racing, Banei-Keiba in Japanese, only exits in Hokkaido, the northern part of Japan. In draft-horse racing, horses twice as big as thoroughbreds drag more than 1,000 pound of sleighs along the 218-yard/200-meter straight dirt course for a few minutes.
This unique horse racing started about a hundred years ago, and people used the horses primarily for farming use. Over the years, producers developed the draft horses, called Banba, exclusively for the race while people gradually stopped using the horses for farming, and nearly 10,000 people are involved in the draft horse industry today.