Sunday, May 27, 2007

G-town Boxing 1 - adp

I participated in American Diversity Project in Mississippi Delta in the third week of May. I was lucky to follow and photograph a former WBC 2nd ranker and the gym's owner Terry Whitaker. He runs a gym in Greenville, MS since 1994. He hoped that boxing would help youth around the neighborhood where he grew up. But, it's been hard to manage the gym, and he is now thinkig about going back to Chicago, where he had a successful pro-boxer career.


Brandon Kruse said...

Hey Ikuru! You're stuff looks great. How long have you had your blog going? Your horse racing story is fantastic. I agree with others that it sort lacks a focus and narrative, but its a large issue story and I'm not sure that you definitely need main characters. Either way, its very well shot. You're boxing story has nice pictures too. I'm not sure what the story is, but the pictures are nice--especially the one with the kid flipping on the trampoline. Good work man, I hope you keep it up in Vermont. Keep in touch homeboy.

Marissa said...

Thanks for writing this.