Monday, September 24, 2007

another question...

I also wanted to make a tight sports portfolio. I'm wondering: which horse shot I should; which boxing shot I should use or both; which golf shot I should use; and whether I should include the portrait.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

editing help...

I'm editting my portofolio right now. I want to make it really tight. But, it's hard to do it on my own. I'm wandering if I should have only one story or two... Or, I should add some singles from those extra stories. I also think there are some redundants or something in the singles that would bring down the whole thing. If someone has some to tell me which ones suck and I should take out, I'd appreciate it.

Singles & one story

extra stories:

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mining Towns - Lupeni & Petroşani

A local journalist let me follow his weekend trip for his feature article on the Hungarian community in Petroşani and Lupeni - mining towns located in the west central part of the country near Tărgu Jiu. It was a pretty interesting place. People were very nice as well.

This mine is being closed down after theives stole nearly half of the production.

Kids hang out in front of their apartment.

An old woman goes down the mountain after she and her husband collected fruits in the woods.

Petro Constantin, 75, in front of the mine scheduled to be shut down soon. He also worked as a miner.

An old hungarian woman at her Hungarian protestant church in Petrosani. Hungarians are a minority in Romania, and a lot of them live in Transilvania, which used to be once Hungarian's teritory.

Kids play outside in Petrosani. They like Jacky Chen.

A retired man who used to work at a mine in Lupeni cries after he gets drunk. Romanians are sometimes emotional in a good way.

A girl plays outside after a ceremony at the Hungarian chuch in Lupeni.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Costesti - Gypsy's Tailgating

So, I had a chance to photograph Gypsy/Roma people's three-days long gathering in Costesti Saturday evening. It was fun, but people were too nice and friendly and curious to me to photograph. I was followed by kids, instead of me following. I guess I really need to spend a long time with the same people to make them forget about my camera and myself...

Friday, September 7, 2007


I'm back in Bucharest after spending a week in Timisoara. I was kind of hanging around to get used to people and language. But, I felt a little lazy, so I tried to follow someone just for one day to learn the culture and also to see how people here react to the idea of being followed for pictures. I first tried to do a gypsy family, but I learned that it's not very easy to communicate with them because not many of them speak English. I didn't have time, so I couldn't be too picky. Helped by some locals, I somehow found one person - a retired man, iosef, who lives in Timisoara for decades. He was pretty open and let me follow him for a day, and we could have some conversation in Romania. Well, I had a good time with him. Thanks iosef!

iosef, 70, opens the door of the apartment entrance when he goes out to buy milk and drink vodka in the morning.

iosef drinks vodka at a bar nearby his apartment in the morning.

iosef watches Tarzan at his apartment. He daily watches Tarzan, news and evening film channel, he said.

iosef dances while he and his grandson dani as a Romanian national song runs on TV.

iosef's vodka sits on the table after dinner.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Bucharest - Timişoara

Now, I'm in Romania. I arrived in Bucharest last week and came to Timişoara to help workshop as well as get used to people, language, alcohol, etc... So far, I like it a l lot. It's really different here.

Scene of Bucharest's street from a balcony. It's really crowded here.

Workshop & Exhibition in Timishoara
The participants and organizors of photo workshop are contributors & staffs of Mediafax that I hope to be working with. This workshop is part of a festival designed to promote anti-descrimination campaign for Roma (Gypsy) people.

Nearby Villaeg in Timisoara: Kids waiting on a start of soccer match