Monday, September 3, 2007

Bucharest - Timişoara

Now, I'm in Romania. I arrived in Bucharest last week and came to Timişoara to help workshop as well as get used to people, language, alcohol, etc... So far, I like it a l lot. It's really different here.

Scene of Bucharest's street from a balcony. It's really crowded here.

Workshop & Exhibition in Timishoara
The participants and organizors of photo workshop are contributors & staffs of Mediafax that I hope to be working with. This workshop is part of a festival designed to promote anti-descrimination campaign for Roma (Gypsy) people.

Nearby Villaeg in Timisoara: Kids waiting on a start of soccer match


shane said...

it was good to speak with you last week. i hope you're doing well in romania. i wish you much success over there. i know you'll keep up the warrior spirit.
p.s. can you send me the link to your new photo story? i look forward to seeing your work. my email is:

Jessamyn said...

Wow, Romania sure is disctinctive looking. This is how my balcony looked twelve years ago in Cluj. I hope you find it as wonderful as I did.

Aaron said...

How does Romania compare to the Shinjuku train station?

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