Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mining Towns - Lupeni & Petroşani

A local journalist let me follow his weekend trip for his feature article on the Hungarian community in Petroşani and Lupeni - mining towns located in the west central part of the country near Tărgu Jiu. It was a pretty interesting place. People were very nice as well.

This mine is being closed down after theives stole nearly half of the production.

Kids hang out in front of their apartment.

An old woman goes down the mountain after she and her husband collected fruits in the woods.

Petro Constantin, 75, in front of the mine scheduled to be shut down soon. He also worked as a miner.

An old hungarian woman at her Hungarian protestant church in Petrosani. Hungarians are a minority in Romania, and a lot of them live in Transilvania, which used to be once Hungarian's teritory.

Kids play outside in Petrosani. They like Jacky Chen.

A retired man who used to work at a mine in Lupeni cries after he gets drunk. Romanians are sometimes emotional in a good way.

A girl plays outside after a ceremony at the Hungarian chuch in Lupeni.


Channing said...

These last two pictures are excellent, Ikuru.

Tully said...

I agree, but I kind of want to see things from a closer perspective with the other images. Move in closer maybe?

Ikuru said...

Thanks for the comments. Sure, I will get closer and start working on stories shortly...

Amanda said...

Just beautiful. Yes, the last two are my favorites as well. Keep it coming.