Friday, September 7, 2007


I'm back in Bucharest after spending a week in Timisoara. I was kind of hanging around to get used to people and language. But, I felt a little lazy, so I tried to follow someone just for one day to learn the culture and also to see how people here react to the idea of being followed for pictures. I first tried to do a gypsy family, but I learned that it's not very easy to communicate with them because not many of them speak English. I didn't have time, so I couldn't be too picky. Helped by some locals, I somehow found one person - a retired man, iosef, who lives in Timisoara for decades. He was pretty open and let me follow him for a day, and we could have some conversation in Romania. Well, I had a good time with him. Thanks iosef!

iosef, 70, opens the door of the apartment entrance when he goes out to buy milk and drink vodka in the morning.

iosef drinks vodka at a bar nearby his apartment in the morning.

iosef watches Tarzan at his apartment. He daily watches Tarzan, news and evening film channel, he said.

iosef dances while he and his grandson dani as a Romanian national song runs on TV.

iosef's vodka sits on the table after dinner.


steveremich said...

welcome to romania! I like the picture of him watching Tarzan. Looks like a guilty pleasure.

Channing said...

I love the Tarzan picture too. I also really love the fact that you have alread started following people around to take pictures. This is wonderful. I look forward to more, Ikuru.

Bogdan Dinca said...

good job, Ikuru :) I like the dancing one

robert said...

very nice work Ikuru.. have spent the last 90 mins looking @ your work.. very beautiful, indeed! keep up the good work especially with Film.