Saturday, May 31, 2008

So, i'll be wandering in San Francisco next week

I've been lazy with editting photos and busy with my second job... But, I got a call just some minutes ago. I will be heading to San Francisco for the Hearst in a few hours. I'm really glad that i'll be able to come back to America for several days. I really thank Jackie, John and David who helped me on this from the U.S..

The photo is from the Labuor day in Delta.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Caruta Trip in Delta

I procratinated again. I've been really slow these days, and I feel like I'm allowed to do so. The delta was very slow and peaceful. It was like a paradice. After the Easter, people are just resting. No work. It's so quiet, You hear only the song of the birds.
Here, I met kids in a small Lipovan village Sfistofca in Delta. From the village to a border village Periprava, there is a rough road but no bus. They were going to Perprava for drive with caruta (horse wagon), and I joined their three hours trip.