Sunday, July 22, 2007

Not Awake Yet

I'm not slacking.But, I just can't get picutres I like these days...


Portland Monk said...

I feel that same sometimes dude...and it happens to all of us. I've been noticing this in your work as well. There are some things you can do...Take a break and refresh yourself. Sometimes we think to hard and forget to relax and think creatively. Next time you have a weekend don't shoot. Sit on your ass and look at pictures or do other things. You can also try new lenses and only allow yourself to shoot with lenses you are uncomfortable with. This will force you to shoot in certain ways.


What's happening in this looks like an interesting situation, but the mixed light (and seemingly low light) must have made it difficult.
I just remembered now that I visited your blog that I got the card of the Editor and Chief of Days Japan when I was in London and wanted to pass it along to you in case you are ever back in your homeland. His name is Ryuichi Hirokawa and there are a half a dozen ways to contact him listed on the card. If your interested e-mail me and I will send them your way (

Also, when you feel discouraged, go out and shoot in beautiful light for yourself. I always feel liberated and satisfied when I do this...

Knox Harrington "The Video Artist" said...

Here's what I do:
I stop answering my phone.
I goto
I find a chick that what's to do time for prints.
I shoot tits for an hour or so.
I feel better.