Sunday, February 17, 2008

Independence Day

It was calmer than we expected. I was in Mitrovica - mostly in the north side. Watched by a lot of KFOR soldiers, I felt sort of tense at first. But, fortunately, nothing bad happened (although there was an explosion later at a UN building...). So, i went back to Pristina after they declared independence. It didn't have the last day's excitement. People were basically walking around the street or dancing in music in the downtown area. It's a bit hard to pick a place when you have some options like -to get a better flag waving picture from more relevant day, or to be there when something bad is happening. Either way, i know indecisiveness is photographers' enemy... I'm heading again to the Northern Mitrovica where a demonstration is expected on Monday.

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Bonnie said...

hey ikuru. it's bonnie (jim/bonnie). i love this post on your blog. actually, i enjoy looking at everything on your blog. the combination of your vision and that region of the world is really nice. i'm not a photog, so that's as technical as i get. hope you're well.