Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Drug 2 - Sibik

This is another druggie sibik, 35, who has been taking drug for almost
twenty years since he was in prison. I photographed his drug scene, but i hope to go back as well.
He is sick because the drug caused some problems with
his blood circulation. His legs are swollen, also when
he had a problem with his blood circulation on his finger years ago
because of the drug, he cut his finger by himself like yakuza instead
of receiving treatment at hospital. Since then, he has been keeping
the finger that turned like smoked scallop on his shelf. He is actually friendly and
inteligent person at least when not desparetely in need for drug.


sheila said...

These 2 recent posts are just absolutely amazing! Thanks for your comment on my blog about getting closer. It's so true what you say, and looking at your work I can see how you've been very diligent in practicing what you preach (as the saying goes.)Good, good job! Can't wait to see where it all goes....

carmen said...

hey! ikuru,
it seems you have a great time in ukraine.
i'm glad to see your work posted here.
you are really hard-working.

hope to see you again in romania,

name Danny Ghitis said...

Really powerful stuff, and the way you've gotten in with these people is impressive. reminds me a bit of Jessica Dimmock's work from the Ninth Floor. Curios to see where it goes. What's the story idea?