Friday, November 21, 2008


Tanya Rasoshik runs the only charity organization that provides shelter, food, clothes, pampers and education to children in need in Dniprodzerzhynsk, Ukraine. A British charity fund provided financial support for the organization, but the charity told Tanya that it would stop the support soon. She takes care of children of parents in extreme poverty, and most of their parents are drug addicts or alcoholic. Those parents don't even have money to buy foods, let alone clothes and electricity. Tanya often wash children's body and cut their hair to get rid of lice. She goes out on the street and provides clothes and foods for street children and tell them to come to the shelter. She goes to children's hospitals and provide pampers for abandoned babies and clothes and foods for sick orphans because the public hospital can't even afford pampers for those children. However, without financial help, she would not be able to do as much support as she has been doing. If she couldn't run the shelter, many children would have to stay at home without electricity or wonder around the street with dirty clothes and lice on their hair, which could cause them to become like street children. I haven't pitched this kind of story or worked with NGO/charities. If you have any idea how to spread words to help them out or good organizations to contact to, let me know.

Tanya washes the body of Vitalik, 4, after she cut his hair.

Children's pictures. Tanya said many children changed after coming to the shelter often. she said one little girl who she found in the park now works a normal job and has a family years after she met Tanya and came to the shelter daily.

Children play at the shelter.

Tanya visits many families with no money and provides foods for their children.

Foods provided for children at the shelter.

Nurse feeds abandoned babies at Children's hospital. Tanya comes to the hospital to provide pampers for babies because the hospital can't afford it. The nurse said the hospital has about 100 babies a year, and their parents are usually alcoholic or drug addicts.

Alyona, 15, holds her baby. She regularly comes to the shelter. She gave birth recently, but she would have to raise the baby alone. Her mother is alcoholic, and they live in a dire condition.

Alyona visits the shelter while her baby is asleep at the hospital. The foreground is Dima, 4, whose father is Vietnamese, but the father left his Ukrainian wife and four children and went back to his country.

Tanya dresses Vitalik after washing him in the bathroom

Tanya sprays to kill lice on the hair.

Vitalik and his brother Serghei, 1, after haircut.

Andrei, 4, has HIV and temporarily stays at Children's hospital in Dniprodzerzhynsk. He was an orphan, but a family adapted him. However, after the family found out that he has HIV, the family "returned" him. He is supposed to go to an orphanage for children with HIV in Dnipropetrovsk later.

Tanya hugs a girl who regularly comes to the shelter when they accidentally met at the hospital.


Tully said...


Thanks for checking out my website and the thoughts. I dig this work man and each day it gets stronger and stronger. In my opinion, you've brought it past yourself and are really telling the bigger story about the issue of drugs from all sides. This doesn't have the typical exploitative feel of "hey, look at the shit bags. they're poor and take drugs, let me photograph them and make some insensitive piece." I get a feeling both for these people and about the bigger issue at hand. And if nothing else, it's actual journalism. Keep up the good work man!!! Very inspiring!

ik said...

Thanks John. It takes a lot of time and patience, but I think it's an important story to tell. And, I actually like exploring and witnessing someone's life whether it's good or bad. There is some truth in it. That's pretty much what I am living on.

Sheila Johnson said...

Yes, this really is important work, and I hope you find the right avenue to share this story with others. I agree with John. You are witnessing these truths with a great sensitivity that seeks to communicate something deep and true, not exploitative, and that's really inspiring. I like the intimacy in these pictures, and all of the caption info that you've included to help us to feel emotionally connected to these lives.

Jeronimo Nisa said...

I subscribe everything John and Sheila have already said.

andreea said...

hi ikuru. this is a great series. well.. all the work you've done in ucraine is

Anonymous said...

it's like we plundged back in the fifties...

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