Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crimean Cossacks

I've been photographing Crimean Cossacks often and on this month. Their origin is Russian Cossacks - mostly Don and Kuban Cossacks. During the Soviet era, Cossacks' tradition was somewhat suppressed, but since the collapse, the Cossacks are reviving their tradition. Crimean Cossacks are Russian supporters and generally don't have very good relationships with Crimean Tatars because of the complicated historical territorial issues although the aggression between Tatars and Russians have calmed down in the past years. Well, it's in Ukraine, but Crimea has a large number of ethnic Russians, and that makes stuff complicated especially foreigners like me. Anyway, I'm more interested in the way they live and the efforts to reserve and revive their century-long old tradition and their main role as military communities than politics.

Morning before the start of the parade for the victory day. Cossacks started participating with traditional style a few years ago.

Cross and the tower are installed near Yalta a few years ago. Cross and the tower used to be seen in every Cossack community.

Kuban Cossack's uniform with a sabre.

The victory day parade in Northern Crimea.

Young Cossack boy.

The only Cossack cadet school in Crimea and Ukraine.

Cossack tent. They used to travel with horses and stay in the tent in the Wild Field.

Just dancing after the Victory Day parade. Not Cossack dance... Also, the film screwed.

More photos.


peter hoffman said...

these are great man. love what you're doing over there. keep it up.

Ikuru said...

Thanks for the quick comment, Peter. I like your medium format stuff as well!

bogdan dinca said...

beautiful work, ikuru. i love the aesthetic style you're developing

Aaron said...

Nice stuff, Ikuru. The film really works well for this subject.

bryan said...

Beautiful work, Ikuru. Rad approach for a good story.

Jeronimo Nisa said...

Ikuru, my friend, this is fantastic!
The subject matter goes hand in hand with your medium format film. These pictures, especially the portraits, have such a nice old feel.

Anonymous said...

What kind of horses are these cossack cadet schools using? Did they give you a breed name?

write dissertation said...

very interesting! thanks!