Saturday, October 27, 2007

Street Kids 2

I thought it would be fair to have the last picture. They are very cool kids, at least to me, but they don't have much to do. If teenagers don't have any guidance and are left alone on sthreet, what could you expect them to do? I've never seen things like this in Japan or America, but again this doesn't seem to be an unusual thing in the rest of the world.
I haven't seen the kids in the past few days, and I'm a bit worried. Seems like police are getting stricter. I wonder where police would send them if the kids get caught...

Armando, 8, smokes in front of the subway station, after he received a cigarette from a pedestrian.

Nelu and Rolanda inhale the cheap drug from the plastic bag.

Nelu, 18, Rolanda, 13, Vasile, 14, photographed at Armata Poporului.


James said...

Can you talk to police, shoot from their perspective and do some reporting on why these kids are in the situation and what, if anything is done about it? I've seen a lot of stories about street kids. It's always shocking. But you say they seem like good kids, so try to find out why their society allows this to happen. I'd be interested to hear and see what you come up with.

James said...
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Ikuru said...

Thanks for the comment, James.
Well, they aren't "good" kids, but it seems to me that they are rather innocent and lost. They really don't seem to know what they should be doing.
But, as you said, I will try to show some separation between them and others in pictures. But, they disappeared. I tried to find them tonight, but I couldn't. I will talk to people about this to know more about this. But, it seems like this has been everyday thing for years. I heard it was worse back then when the country was freed from Ceausescu. There should have been many/some street kids stories from Romania around that time. So, apparently, it's getting better, yet the country can't handle it still. And, the gypsy issue is huge, and that's probably another reason why it happens. I'm not sure what I said is totally correct, so correct me if someone notices any mistake. Anyway, Romania is a very interesting country, and I love it.

Sky Gilbar said...

Hey Ikuru,

Sky here. I'm so happy to see you're rocking it in Romania! I really like this series of pictures and the story you're trying to tell. That second frame is rocking!

ParkerMB said...

that second frame is captivating me. all of it, even down to the dirty wall, gives it such a powerful mood. how long were you with these kids?

kuba said...

I admire you Iki, good luck and say hello to Andrei.

Ackime Snow said...

Intresting Photos