Tuesday, April 22, 2008

View from Balcony

I was kind of sick in the past week. Couldn't do much. But. at least, I edited the fishermen story.

My moneymaking job is deskwork at home, and my short break is always on the balcony. The street was totally grey during the winter, and it was reminiscent of stereotypical communism-era atmosphere and made me felt like I was in adventure or something. But, as time passes, everything that was unusual to me turned rather normal - not just communism buildings but like gypsies, beggars, strays, tons of smokers and such. Same in the U.S., the empty Midwest lands, cornfields and soy fields and rednecks, as examples, become rather normal after a while four years ago. Yet, I'm still foreign, but this foreignness became normal, and people thinking I’m different becomes normal. It's same in Missouri, but it's a different kind and would be different in every country and state.
Adjustment in foreign countries is like a series of mental training. When you do weight lifting or wrestling or whatever the tough sports, it's kind of pain first, then you like it, and then you get soar again. Then after a while, it becomes normal - less pain and less excitement in a sense. But, you feel more about small daily things. Like when you realize the grey street has turned a bit green in a spring day. The photo is shot by Contax G1 - finally I got a new used contax! Though it's not aG2...

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carmen said...

i like this a lot, phlegmatic but delicate. and sad a little.