Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cossack Revised

I had one more shoot from Cossacks and decided to present them in dyptych for now.

Automan Serghei in Kuban Cossack uniform

The victory day

Cossack Cadets

Ivan Ivanovich at his horse farm. Right - annual horse racing (Cossack Igur) held by his farm.


Cossack architecht - left, Cossacks' traditional houses have the wall made out of twigs. Right, each cossack community used to have a wooden tower, as well as a cross with an icon.


daniel said...

Really love these Ikuru!

m. a. said...

these are great, man.

Rafak said...

good work ikuru san ;), glad you work with middle format

Ikuru said...

Thanks again. Yeah, the middle format is the best!

write my term paper said...

so nice post1 thnaks!