Monday, July 20, 2009

Mihai Barbu Is Alive Somewhere in Russia

Living in Ukraine, I sometimes have unique and nice guests. Mihai, my Romanian friend who invited me to the center of cosmos, Petrila, which is a small Romanian mining town in the edge of Transilvania, where children even fly, stayed at my apartment in central Ukraine. He is heading by motorcycle from Romania to Mongolia and then many other stan countries, Caucasas, Turkey, Balkan to home. He had a hard time parking his BMW in the town, but beside this, he loved Ukraine and the town where I live for now. I just called him. He said he is somewhere in Russia. He had some problems with police, as is often the case, but he is fine. Barbu said Ukraine was "Coscogeamite Blana!!" (the mix of the old Romanian word and new slang, which even a Romanians would have hard time understanding...) I also miss Romania. It was coscogeamite blana (enormously super greate, or something like this), as well.
This is the link to his site for the journey:
I like the URL, as well.


andrei said...

Right on, Iki! Is that a towel on his lap or is he wearing shorts? I thought perhaps you took him to the infamous saunas.

Bogdan said...

Ikuru, if he is still there, please dedicate to Mihai a haiku as those that we have created in Petrila. This will energize him a lot. If he departed, don't worry, just launch one with high velocity, somehow they'll find each other.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ikuru,
I m Mihai (no, not the one that has just visited you). We met 2 times: once in petrila and once in Radu's house in bucharest for a barbecue. I m the guy with the spanish girlfriend that came and left very fast.

I am happy to know mihai is fine and on his way. I got today and sms from him (it was my birthday yesterday) and except being more than surprised i can say he is fine. I got an sms from a happy person, so where ever he might be, at least today he was happy and o am I.

I am really sorry i didn t have more time to talk to you about what romania meant to you and how you saw it. I would really like to have the chance to talk more to people that have your courage. As mihai told me once, people like you are the one holding this world in equilibrium.

to conclude:D have fun there and today mihai was ok somewhere in russia.

Anonymous said...

hey there Ikuru,

Im Mishi. A friend of Mihai Barbu's, romanian currently living in Italy, we haven't met, altough i hope some day we will, you seem a blana type'o guy :)) Alongside with your post about Mihai's whereabouts, i have discovered your blog witch im reading with great interest. Keep up the good work, and if you'd like to say helo or such here's my email

Anonymous said...

Hi Ikuru,
I m Misha's brother. I'm the one who visited japanese kiosk many times.
Anyway i just want to encourage you to keep on doing good stuff - im your biggest fan and friend for life.
You know that, baaaaka :)

Anonymous said...

Guys see that hole behind his left ear? I DID THAT! XD

Ikuru said...

Thanks for the comments. I think Mihai was lucky to pass the town then, as I no longer live in that place, leaving the hole on the wall as it is. Hope Mihai is doing well in Mongolia.

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