Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Mediafax Publishes Draft-horse Racing Story

A Romanian photo agency Mediafax Foto published my photo story on Draft Horse Racing:[section]=premium&reset_search=1

Thank you very much to Mihai Vasile, the agency's editor who patiently worked with me, and Andrei Pungovschi, a Romanian photographer who helped me contact the agency. I feel relieved because I started the project to let more people know about this once-endangered culture. When I started this project and approached people at the racetrack, I said, "I am planning to publish a story outside Japan to let people in other countries know about this." And, it happened somehow. I'm glad.

By the way, This is my select and black & white version of the story:

This is a link to the multimedia version:


Brandon Kruse said...

Way to go buddy! It's a very good story my man, you should feel honored. So how do you like the North East?

Aaron said...

Congratulations Ikuru.