Monday, June 18, 2007

Short Term 1 - Forgetting the Limits

I worked on a day in life story on Aya Itagaki, a 72 year old lady who competes in Karate tornament. She doesn't spur, but she was so active and gave a variety of visual possiblity. I found her through a few different people. I introduced myself to her at the Karate dojoand explained her what I was trying to do. Me being a Japanese definetely helped, but she was very open. So, I spent a day with her. As far as pictures concern, I didn't make anything outstanding, but I think I got pictures that show something interesting about this person. I think getting used to doing a story like this - research, finding a person, negotiating with the person and follow her/him for a day or more - would defintely help me grow as a photojournalist because you would have to do everything on your own. This one won't become a long term, but I think I learned a lot by doing this story. I mean I always feel I learned something by getting in to someone's life. I'm really thankful to the paper for letting photographers work on projects like this.


Takanori said...


It's been a while. You seems doing a lot of good works. I am very glad. I will send you e-mail later to let you know how I am doing. But, I wanted to make a comment first.

Takanori Yuasa

Brandon Kruse said...

Nice package Ikuru! I'm glad they ran your photos big, they deserve it.

Tully said...

DUDE! This is great! I love the photos and love that the paper gave you the freedom to do something like this. Wow! Keep it up. I was trying to pick out a favorite, but I think I like them all and I liked that you only used one photo from the karate place because there's more to someone than just 2 hours at an event, like most assignments end up being.